Airbus A380s, Boeing 787s, in new wing crack checks

b787dreamThe big two airliner companies are ‘cracking up’ again but this time the new issues in the wings of Airbus A380s and Boeing 787 Dreamliners aren’t  anywhere near to being as serious as some of their earlier respective design and manufacturing problems.

The major story is that at least 42 undelivered 787s are going to require inspections or remedial work for a fabrication error at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Japan, where the wings for the Dreamliners are made and then sent to the US for final assembly.

The details are laid out in this story in the Wall Street Journal.

This isn’t an issue which will have any effect on existing 787 services to Australia, or for that matter, anywhere else, but it might cause minor delays in the introduction of new 787 flights to this country although it is too soon to know for sure.

As reported by Reuters, the A380 issue hasn’t been found in a flying A380, but in a factory fatigue testing mock-up where the results did not conform to expectations.

Again, it won’t affect any A380 operations.

The only reason for drawing attention to these reports is transparency. If the media ignores such matters, it can be criticised for hiding stories.  In each case, the safety and issue reporting culture in the jet makers or their contractors performed as it should.